Meet Our Writers

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Valerie Anderson

Valerie Anderson is a former senior editor for Diversity: Allied Health Careers.


Tri Pham is a full-time nurse practitioner with The Department of Stem Cell Transplantation and Cellular Therapy at The University of Texas-MD Anderson Cancer Center. He is also on the faculty at Texas Woman’s University-Houston Center-College of Nursing.

Tony P. Martinez and Alison P. Martinez

Tony and Alison Martinez are writers based in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Tony is a former educator; Alison was a research librarian.

Tony and Alison Martinez

Tony and Alison Martinez are writers based in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Tony was an educator, Alison a research librarian.

Toniann King, RN, BA

Toniann King is a free-lance writer living in New Jersey. She has a BA in journalism and an RN diploma.

Tim Clancy

Tim Clancy is the former publisher of Diversity: Allied Health Careers and Minority Nurse and has more than 20 years of career development writing and publishing experience.

the Reverend Steven K. Wheeler, R.N., M.S.N.

The Reverend Steven K. Wheeler, R.N., M.S.N., is the Pastor of Impact Christian Ministry in Cincinnati and a professor of pharmacology. Shannon L. Wheeler, R.N., is a community health nurse also practicing in the Cincinnati area.

Terah Shelton Harris

Terah Shelton Harris is a freelance writer based in Alabama. Visit her Web site at

Tammy Basile

Tammy Basile is the director of marketing and community relations at LifeSource Blood Services in the Chicago area.

Susan Wessling

Susan Wessling is an award-winning columnist, editor, and freelance writer. She lives in Worcester, Massachusetts.