Workplace Issues

Working for a Tyrant...

A large part of getting ahead in your career involves pleasing your boss, but how do you please a boss that's difficult to deal with?

What Color is Your Whistle?

Reporting incidents of wrongdoing in your workplace is always a risky business-but for minority nurses who blow the whistle, the stakes are even higher

Diversity: A Public Health Issue

Diversity: A Public Health Issue

It's no secret that health care professionals must identify, respect, and care about their patients' differences, values, preferences, and expressed needs. Some patients' backgrounds might be similar to those of the care provider and some may be different. It's the differences that cry out for attention.

From Hate to Hope: A Nursing Journey

From Hate to Hope: A Nursing Journey

One nurse recounts her years in the field, climbing the professional ladder while watching the sociopolitical climate of the United States change around her—for better or worse.

Providing Cultural Competency Training for Your Nursing Staff

Should you use an existing training program, hire a consultant to develop one for you or create your own program in-house? Here’s what the experts recommend.


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