Editor’s Notebook: Closing the Gap

Have you ever wondered how your salary compares to someone of a different ethnicity who has the same level of education and experience as you? How do salaries of nurses living in the West compare to those in the Northeast?

1st Annual Salary Survey

While there is a range in how much nurses earn, nurses reported making more money this year than they earned five years ago.

Nurses for Hire: A Nationwide Look at Nursing

Hector M. Benitez

While the nursing profession has felt some effects of the economic downturn during the past several years, it still remains one of the most stable careers in the country. It's a profession that can't be outsourced, and many employers are hungry for well-trained nurses to join their organizations. 

North, South, East, West

North, South, East, West

Many nurses believe they should head to the nearest city when looking for a job, but whether you're considering a rural or urban area for employment, the need for nurses is widespread and growing.

Pay Up! D:ACH's First Annual Salary Report

Who makes more: MRI techs or respiratory therapists? Thought about becoming a cardio-pulmonary perfusionist? You might after checking Diversity: Allied Health Career's First Annual Salary Report!

Negotiating a Job Offer

Don't go to the well without a bucket (in other words, be prepared)

What's Your Worth?

Diversity Allied Health Careers' Second Annual Salary Report (2003)

A Race for Life

EMTs and paramedics are demanding recognition, better pay and saving lives

What's Your Worth?

D:AHC's third annual salary review of allied health careers

Retirement Planning for Minority Nurses

Will you and your family be able to live comfortably when you’re ready to retire from the profession?

Negotiation Skills for Minority Nurses

Whether your goal is a promotion, a pay raise or support for your pet project, the key to getting what you want is to know--and communicate--what makes you valuable to your organization

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