PhD programs

Majoring in Minority Health

Not so long ago, topics like minority health disparities and serving the needs of diverse patient populations were rarely taught in nursing classrooms. Today, a growing number of nursing schools are not only incorporating minority health into their curricula, they’re building whole degree programs around it.

Minority Nurse Retention in Doctoral Programs: What Works and Why

A review of the nursing literature reveals many proven strategies that have helped nursing schools increase minority doctoral students’ chances of staying the course and completing their degrees.

Nurse, Teacher, Trailblazer

As the first African-American man to earn a PhD in nursing, Randolph Rasch broke down many barriers to achieve a successful career as a nursing educator. Now he’s helping other nurses follow in his footsteps.

Winning the Grad School Game

Choosing a graduate nursing program can be a daunting experience. Here’s how to find the program that’s right for you—and maximize your chances of getting in.

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