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Mentors to the Max

When it comes to recruiting, developing and retaining American Indian nursing students, mentor programs can make all the difference in the world.

Learning About Difference

A growing number of nursing schools are implementing cultural competency programs to prepare nursing students to care for a diverse patient population

Mentoring to Empower

An unusual mentoring program in California helps minority students master the “three Cs” of academic success—communication, comfort level and confidence

Nurse, Teacher, Trailblazer

As the first African-American man to earn a PhD in nursing, Randolph Rasch broke down many barriers to achieve a successful career as a nursing educator. Now he’s helping other nurses follow in his footsteps.

Growing Our Own

By establishing innovative pre-recruitment programs at local high schools, more and more nursing schools are cultivating the next generation of minority nurses right in their own backyards.

Life Support

An innovative program in Detroit is not only helping nursing students from disadvantaged backgrounds succeed academically, it’s teaching them life skills as well.

Discrimination in Nursing School: Thing of the Past or Alive and Well?

While it’s generally agreed that discrimination against minority students is less of a problem today than it used to be, some experts believe it is being replaced by new, more subtle forms of bias

Recruiting Men into Nursing School

Nursing programs that have successfully increased the number of men in their student populations share their expert advice for attracting male students--and even more importantly, for keeping them.

A Faster Path to the PhD

Accelerated BSN-to-PhD programs can help minority nurses get an earlier start on productive careers as nurse scientists.

From Minority Nurse to Nurse Anesthetist

Though it’s less than a year old, a program for increasing diversity in CRNA education is already showing promising results

Opening Doors

By adding more flexibility, convenience and support services to their programs, nursing schools are taking bold steps to make it easier for minority nurses to go back to school

Winning the Grad School Game

Choosing a graduate nursing program can be a daunting experience. Here’s how to find the program that’s right for you—and maximize your chances of getting in.

Be Prepared

Recruiting minority nursing faculty is a two-way street: Both schools and potential candidates must be fully up to the challenge.

Passing With Flying Colors

When developing multicultural nursing school curricula, don’t overlook the need for culturally sensitive testing

Old Enough to Learn Better

More minority students are entering nursing school later in life—but both students and educators agree that their age is an asset, not a liability

Reach Out, We’ll Be There

From financial aid and mentors to more accessible classrooms, nursing schools are using creative strategies to attract—and keep—minority students

Internship Japanese Style

An international nursing student gets a rare chance to do her senior-year clinical observation with a famous doctor from her homeland--and learns lessons for a lifetime.

The 2012 Minority Nurse Scholarship Program

The 2012 Minority Nurse Scholarship Program

The 2012 Minority Nurse Scholarship Program

Nurses will always be valuable members of any health care team, regardless of their educational backgrounds. Yet, the baccalaureate and master's degrees in nursing may offer the most professional opportunities.


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