Nursing careers

Dr. Nurse

As nursing schools nationwide focus their energies on increasing minority enrollment in doctoral programs, there’s never been a better time to advance your career by earning a PhD.

Public Works

Careers in public health nursing offer minority nurses a unique opportunity to make a difference in a really big way—by improving the health of entire communities

Career Cruisin’

Cruise ships offer minority nurses the opportunity to make paradise their workplace

Eureka! Investigating Careers in Research

Do you like to ask questions and discover answers? Consider joining the ranks of minority nurse scientists!

Navigating the Faculty Track

For junior minority nursing faculty, advancing your career in academia can be fraught with challenges--from racial and gender prejudice to the pressures of earning tenure. Here’s some expert advice--from educators who have been there--to guide you down the path to success.

Ready for Anything

While no one wants to imagine that another 9/11 or a bioterrorism attack could happen, the reality is that nurses and communities must be prepared to respond to such threats. Nurses of color can play a crucial leadership role in bringing culturally competent terrorism preparedness to America’s diverse communities.

School Days

Although budget cutbacks are restricting hiring in some states, America’s school districts are facing an unprecedented need for school nurses who can provide care to students with a diverse range of cultural and medical needs.

Welcome Aboard

Preceptorship programs can help minority nurses successfully adjust to employment transitions as they advance their careers

Legal Eagles

Put nursing, law and business together and what do you get? The exciting field of legal nurse consulting!

21st Century Midwives

As the nurse-midwifery profession continues to grow, so does the need for more minority nurses to join their ranks

A Military Victory

As one Hispanic nurse’s personal success story shows, serving in the military can help minority nurses overcome socioeconomic barriers, advance their education and develop into leaders.

In Our Own Backyard

Why should skilled nurses from Mexico and other countries have to work menial jobs in the U.S. because they lack licenses to practice here? Members of the National Association of Hispanic Nurses aren’t just asking that question—they’re doing something about it.

Closing the Cancer Gap

By choosing careers in oncology nursing, nurses of color can not only help fill an urgent staffing need but also play a key role in addressing one of the nation’s most serious minority health disparities.

Minority Nurse Scholarship Program

Minority Nurse Scholarship Program

Nurses will always be valuable members of any health care team, regardless of their educational backgrounds. Yet, the baccalaureate and master's degrees in nursing may offer the most professional opportunities.

Celebrating National Nurses Week, Celebrating You!

Celebrating National Nurses Week, Celebrating You!

Trust. Without it, our careers and lives lose a solid foundation. Trust is certainly at the forefront of nursing. It's apparent when patients seek medical care in their most vulnerable states, trusting nurses to ease their pain and help them recover.


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