Nursing careers

Trade Your Scrubs for a Business Suit!

From pharmaceutical and medical product manufacturers to insurance companies and consulting firms, the corporate sector offers minority nurses many opportunities to advance their careers beyond the bedside.

Distance Nursing

By using the latest advances in computer technology to increase medically underserved minority communities’ access to health care, telehealth nursing is truly a career for the 21st century.

Working at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

A career with the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention provides you the opportunity to improve the health of all U.S. citizens.

Gray Matters

As the nation’s elderly population soars, career opportunities for minority gerontology nurses will be everywhere—from the bedside to the classroom to the research lab

Follow Your Dreams

Think you could never become a nurse because there are too many obstacles in your way? Read the inspiring story of a nurse who beat the odds by refusing to give up on herself.

Neonatal Need

It’s one of the specialty areas that has been hardest hit by the RN staff shortage. But that’s not the only reason why the field of neonatal nursing urgently needs more minority nurses.

Saving Lives on the Front Lines

The diversity-intensive field of emergency nursing offers minority nurses a rewarding opportunity to make a life-or-death difference in patient care

Serving Where the Need Is Greatest

A nursing career in the U.S. Public Health Service offers unlimited opportunities to serve your country while providing care to underserved populations around the world

The Case for Forensic Nursing

If you’re a fan of mystery novels and true-crime dramas, this exciting career that combines nursing with detective work and criminal law is well worth investigating.

Careers in the Indian Health Service

Whether you’re a Native American nurse who wants to improve the health of your people or any minority nurse who wants to make a difference helping underserved communities, the IHS

Building a Career From the Ground Up

Driving a delivery truck may seem like a highly unusual way to launch a nursing career. But for Valerie Fong, it was all part of the plan.

African American Nurse-Midwives: Continuing the Legacy

African American Nurse-Midwives: Continuing the Legacy

The profession of midwifery in the African American community has a rich history dating back to the days of slavery. Four centuries later, black nurse-midwives continue to play an important role in improving health outcomes for at-risk women and newborns.

Occupation: Keeping Workers Healthy

Careers in occupational health nursing offer minority nurses a rewarding opportunity to improve the health and safety of
’s diverse workforce

Culture Is Skin Deep

Why the specialty of dermatology nursing needs more minority nurses who are attuned to the special skin health needs of people of color

Shaping the Future of Patient Care

From implementing new specialty units to creating more patient-centered policies and services, nurse executive Diane Johnson’s innovative leadership is helping her hospital transform care throughout the organization.

Retirement Planning for Minority Nurses

Will you and your family be able to live comfortably when you’re ready to retire from the profession?

Valerie Fong: From Truck Driver to Nurse Manager

For Valerie Fong, MSN, RN, the road to career success with Kaiser Permanente has been filled with sharp turns, a steep learning curve or two, and a few interesting stops for deliveries. Fong's nontraditional transitions with one of the healthcare industry's leading companies serve as a relevant example for nurses who may be considering the career path less traveled.

Nursing School Diversity Directors: What Do They Do and What Difference Are They Making?

Nursing School Diversity Directors: What Do They Do and What Difference Are They Making?

Although their titles and job descriptions vary from school to school, these professionals have one thing in common: a deep commitment to creating a more culturally inclusive nursing profession.


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