Nurses with disabilities

Congratulations, Minority Nurse Scholarship Winners!

First-Prize Winner, Shylisa Hicks

Another year, another record-breaking number of applicants, and another group of nurses and soon-to-be nurses that overwhelmed us with their determination, dedication, compassion, and intelligence. Choosing our scholarship winners has always been a difficult task, and this year was no exception.

The Greatest Gift

How an HIV-positive nurse came to realize that his disease is a blessing in disguise--for both himself and his patients

“Homework” for Future Nursing Students with Disabilities

Going to nursing school doesn’t have to be an impossible dream just because you have a disability. The key is knowing what will be expected of you, knowing your options and knowing your rights.

Overcoming the Odds

Three RNs with disabilities share their barrier-breaking stories and their advice for other nurses and students who hope to emulate their success.

Forgotten Heroes

Why is the nursing profession so reluctant to offer support when nurses are injured on the job?

Nurses With Disabilities: Another Minority Group

People with disabilities are one of the most underrepresented voices in nursing. But like nurses of color, they have a lot to say about overcoming discrimination and barriers to take their rightful place in the profession.

Success Strategies for Nursing Students with Mental Illness

Success Strategies for Nursing Students with Mental Illness

Perseverance, support systems, wellness plans and peer networking can help students living with "hidden disabilities" survive and thrive in nursing school.

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