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Nation Needs More Nurse Scientists

Are you interested in identifying patient care issues and finding solutions?  Consider getting on track to become a Ph.D trained nurse scientist. With a doctorate you can do independent research.

Nursing research develops knowledge to:

Share Your Thoughts, RNs!

A short survey is being conducted to explore the perceptions of registered nurses regarding the current status and anticipated future of the nursing profession.

When premies grow up

This month, researchers at the University of Rhode Island’s College of Nursing will present their latest findings from a 23-year-long study of premature infants, the longest running study of its kind in the United States, at the Congress of the European Group of Pediatric Work Physiology at the U

What Works Best

What Works Best

Comparative effectiveness research (CER) is the most recent tool the federal government has added to its arsenal of strategies for eliminating minority health disparities. The question is:
Can it deliver?

Trying to Breathe Easy

Trying to Breathe Easy

For those children and families living in homeless shelters, dealing with chronic diseases like asthma is doubly difficult. Now researchers from Mercy College School of Nursing are looking for ways to alleviate their symptoms.

NCEMNA Receives Major Federal Grant to Develop Minority Nurse Scientists

Because America urgently needs more minority nurse researchers who can investigate the causes of racial and ethnic health disparities and test preventive interventions, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) has awarded a $2.4 million grant to the National Coalition of Ethnic Minority Nurse Asso

All Aboard for Cardiovascular Research TRAINing

Culturally sensitive nurse researchers investigate the causes of unequal heart disease outcomes between Caucasian Americans and the nation’s rapidly growing minority populations.

Landmark Human Genomics Study Seeks Genetic Causes of Diabetes

Several recent articles in Minority Nurse have examined how the emerging field of health care genetics and genomics has begun to revolutionize the way researchers and clinicians are working to eliminate racial and ethnic disparities in health outcomes.

IHS Receives Research Grants and a New Headquarters

The Indian Health Service (IHS) and the National Institutes of Health (NIH), both agencies of the Department of Health and Human Services, recently agreed to continue their partnership initiative to include American Indians and Alaskan Natives (AIs/ANs) as participants in and beneficiaries of the research and training supported by the NIH.

UF College of Nursing Receives Over $1 Million for Minority Health Research

The University of Florida (UF) College of Nursing in Gainesville found itself $1,531,000 richer this year after receiving three separate grants to pursue research in cancer, asthma, infant mortality and other health problems that disproportionately affect minorities.

Special K

Are you a minority faculty member who wishes you had more time to devote to your research? The NINR’s Minority K01 grant program could be just what you’re looking for.

The Power of Partnerships

Two nursing schools’ collaborative project to cultivate the next generation of minority nurse scientists has become a highly praised national model for researching solutions to health disparities

Mentorship in Black and White

Through a summer research experience with a Caucasian mentor, a minority nursing student learns to challenge racial stereotypes--both in others and in herself.

Researching With Respect

Nurses conducting research in American Indian communities must learn to be more culturally sensitive to tribes’ unique needs

Jump-Starting Research Careers

A National Institutes of Health program helps future minority nurse researchers gain valuable experience while still in nursing school.

Bridging the Barriers to Research Careers

By helping talented students of color make the transition from MSN degrees to PhD programs, the federally funded Bridges to the Doctoral Degree initiative is working to increase the number of minority nurse scientists

A Lifetime’s Work

From conducting research that led to a cure for scarlet fever to being a founding member of the National Black Nurses Association, Mattiedna Johnson has had a knack for making history.


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