Minority nurses

Nursing Volunteer Efforts

Joyce Hyatt, R.N., M.S., M.S.N., C.N.M., D.N.P. with a patient in Haiti

During times of crisis, nurses and medical professionals act as steadfast caretakers to help victims physically and mentally recover from disasters

Structural Inequality and Diversity in Nursing

Structural Inequality and Diversity in Nursing

What’s the status of diversity and discrimination in nursing today? One Doctor of Education student turned her focus on research in the United States, as well as the United Kingdom, to analyze how far we’ve come, and how far we have yet to go

Turning Roadblocks into Stepping Stones

Never allowing personal adversity to hold her back, nurse educator Myriam Soto is the first Latina to receive the prestigious Johnson & Johnson Nursing Excellence Recognition Award.

Trade Your Scrubs for a Business Suit!

From pharmaceutical and medical product manufacturers to insurance companies and consulting firms, the corporate sector offers minority nurses many opportunities to advance their careers beyond the bedside.

Distance Nursing

By using the latest advances in computer technology to increase medically underserved minority communities’ access to health care, telehealth nursing is truly a career for the 21st century.

What Color is Your Whistle?

Reporting incidents of wrongdoing in your workplace is always a risky business-but for minority nurses who blow the whistle, the stakes are even higher

Neonatal Need

It’s one of the specialty areas that has been hardest hit by the RN staff shortage. But that’s not the only reason why the field of neonatal nursing urgently needs more minority nurses.

Making a Difference

NBNA Nurse of the Year 2000 Goes Above and Beyond the Call of Duty to Make a Difference for Many Minority Nurses

CLAS Action

Minority nurses can play a crucial role in implementing the new federal standards for Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Services (CLAS) in health care. So why are so many nurses still unaware that these standards exist?

The Case for Forensic Nursing

If you’re a fan of mystery novels and true-crime dramas, this exciting career that combines nursing with detective work and criminal law is well worth investigating.

Follow the Money

Which U.S. cities and regions offer the most job opportunities and highest salaries for nurses? (And let’s not forget diversity and livability!)

Discrimination in Nursing School: Thing of the Past or Alive and Well?

While it’s generally agreed that discrimination against minority students is less of a problem today than it used to be, some experts believe it is being replaced by new, more subtle forms of bias

Kudos for the Black Male Nurse

A day in the life of a black man who has chosen nursing as his life’s work illustrates the unique contributions these dedicated caregivers make to the profession.

Leadership Skills for Minority Nurses

In the first installment of our new career advice column, nursing leaders of color share their insights on what makes a good leader and how you can cultivate your own leadership abilities

Culture Is Skin Deep

Why the specialty of dermatology nursing needs more minority nurses who are attuned to the special skin health needs of people of color

Eyes on the Prize

The American Nurses Association’s Mary Mahoney Award honors nurses who--like its pioneering namesake--have made exceptional contributions to increasing opportunities for minorities in the profession

Nurses vs. HIV/AIDS Disparities: Interventions that Work

In part one of an exclusive two-part series, we showcase the innovative work of minority nurses who are creating successful solutions for improving HIV/AIDS treatment and prevention in communities of color.

Retirement Planning for Minority Nurses

Will you and your family be able to live comfortably when you’re ready to retire from the profession?


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