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The Take Pride Campaign: Introducing Our Winners!

The Take Pride Campaign: Introducing Our Winners!

In our winter 2012 issue, we called for submissions to our first ever Take Pride Campaign, an effort to recognize those places of employment that went above and beyond regarding encouraging diversity; recruiting and retaining minorities; and creating a cooperative, inclusive work environment.

Minority Nurse Pioneers Honored at ANA Convention

From the first male nurse to be inducted into the national nursing Hall of Fame to nurses of color who courageously blazed trails in education, research, clinical practice and advocacy, the groundbreaking achievements of minority nurse leaders were in the spotlight throughout the American Nurses Association's 2004 Biennial Convention, held June 26-29 in Minneapolis.

Nursing as an Art and a Science

Nursing as an Art and a Science

Nursing requires clinical skills, of course, but there are other more intrinsic abilities all nurses (should) possess. Can these intangibles be taught? One nursing professor takes a philosophical, even poetic, look at infusing nursing education with the virtues of the profession.

Stories from Inside Military Nursing

Joseph D. Hacinas, R.N., M.S.N., C.N.S., P.H.N.

Two military nurses share their stories, from the stress of coordinating care in a combat zone to dealing with prejudice and personal growth, all while caring for those serving in the U.S. armed forces

A Military Victory

As one Hispanic nurse’s personal success story shows, serving in the military can help minority nurses overcome socioeconomic barriers, advance their education and develop into leaders.

Ready for Anything

While no one wants to imagine that another 9/11 or a bioterrorism attack could happen, the reality is that nurses and communities must be prepared to respond to such threats. Nurses of color can play a crucial leadership role in bringing culturally competent terrorism preparedness to America’s diverse communities.

Serving Where the Need Is Greatest

A nursing career in the U.S. Public Health Service offers unlimited opportunities to serve your country while providing care to underserved populations around the world

Are NCLEX® Testing Policies Culturally Insensitive?

A Muslim nurse’s experience of bias while taking the boards underscores the need for test center regulations that acknowledge and respect candidates’ cultural differences

An Army (and Navy and Air Force) of Opportunities

In both wartime and peacetime, nursing careers in the military offer exceptional opportunities to see the world, serve your country and advance to leadership positions

Teaching Neonatal Resuscitation in Afghanistan

An African American military nurse finds that teaching a class to local nurse-midwives in Kandahar is a life-changing experience for both the students and herself.

Leaders Follow

In the battle against racial and ethnic breast cancer disparities, being a leader means more than just taking initiative. It also means honoring the successes of others who have contributed to the fight.

True Courage Under Fire

Even before she was awarded the Purple Heart for her bravery in the Iraq war, Navy Commander Lenora Langlais exemplified what it means to be a true nursing leader.

Wounded by Words

Racist comments from patients can hurt. Why do so many health care workplaces expect nurses of color to accept such abuse as “just part of the job?”

Hurricane Katrina: Two Years Later

Hurricane Katrina: Two Years Later

Ever since that fateful week in August 2005, nurses and students displaced by the storm have been slowly rebuilding their lives. But for many of these survivors, life will never be quite the same.

Caring for Minority Veterans

Caring for Minority Veterans

What are their unique health care needs and how are VA nurses creating culturally competent strategies to meet them?

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