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2011 Living Legends

On August 25, 2011 the American Academy of Nursing announced their 2011 Living Legends. The Academy’s highest recognition honored five nurses this year for their notable accomplishments and contributions to nursing in practice, research, and education.

Siblings and autism

Siblings of children with autism are at a higher risk of also having the disorder than previously thought.

Minority pregnant women with HIV go untreated for depression

A study conducted by the University of Michigan College of Pharmacy found that 28% of low-income pregnant women with HIV are depressed but do not receive adequate treatment.

New Year, New Resources

New Year, New Resources

What better way to start 2010 than by resolving to stock your nursing toolbox with a new supply of resources for improving the health of culturally diverse patients and communities

Cultural Proficiency the Answer to Mental Health Disparities, Surgeon General Reports

America’s racial and ethnic minority groups face major disparities when it comes to accessing quality mental health services, according to a recent report by the U.S. Surgeon General, Dr. David Satcher.

Success Strategies for Nursing Students with Mental Illness

Success Strategies for Nursing Students with Mental Illness

Perseverance, support systems, wellness plans and peer networking can help students living with "hidden disabilities" survive and thrive in nursing school.

Healing Troubled Minds

Healing Troubled Minds

Are you looking for an opportunity to help change the lives of some of the most vulnerable patients in the entire health care system? Consider psychiatric-mental health nursing—a specialty with an urgent need for more minority nurses.

Star Power

Whether they’re identifying barriers to mental health care or developing interventions for preventing cancer, AIDS and heart disease, these Emerging Nursing Stars in Health Disparities Research are helping to create a healthier future for Americans of color

Traditional Healer, Modern Nurse

As a psychiatric nurse specialist who is also a practicing curandera, Elena Avila combines today’s Western health care with ancient Mexican folk medicine for a uniquely spiritual approach to treating patients

Providing Culturally Competent Mental Health Care to Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders

Cultural stigma, language barriers and ethnic stereotypes all contribute to underutilization of mental health services by America’s fastest-growing minority population. Nurses can play an important role in helping API patients access the culturally sensitive care they need.

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