Men in Nursing

Wounded by Words

Racist comments from patients can hurt. Why do so many health care workplaces expect nurses of color to accept such abuse as “just part of the job?”

Recruiting Men into Nursing School

Nursing programs that have successfully increased the number of men in their student populations share their expert advice for attracting male students--and even more importantly, for keeping them.

Kudos for the Black Male Nurse

A day in the life of a black man who has chosen nursing as his life’s work illustrates the unique contributions these dedicated caregivers make to the profession.

From Welder to Nurse

Laid off after a plant closing, three middle-aged men reinvent themselves as nursing students--and discover a passion for patient care.

Hispanic Men in Nursing

Five accomplished Hispanic nurses who just happen to be guys talk about the special challenges they face, the unique strengths they bring to the table, and why the nursing profession needs to recruit a lot more people like them.

Nurse, Teacher, Trailblazer

As the first African-American man to earn a PhD in nursing, Randolph Rasch broke down many barriers to achieve a successful career as a nursing educator. Now he’s helping other nurses follow in his footsteps.

Looking for a Few Good Men

Actually, the nursing profession will need to recruit a lot of good men if it hopes to reduce the nation’s serious RN shortage. Here’s how some nursing organizations are rising to the challenge.

A Team Effort

The unwillingness of nursing to consistently embrace men as equal colleagues is not a good thing at a time of global shortage. It’s not good for our society because it limits the career choices of potential bright and compassionate caregivers, and worst of all, it erodes the integrity and ethics that are the hallmarks of our profession.

Men in Nursing

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Maximizing Minority Students’ Success in Clinicals

Maximizing Minority Students’ Success in Clinicals

What clinical faculty can do to help students of color and male students overcome barriers to successful performance in this crucial stage of their nursing education.

Standing Up for the Right to Be Ourselves

Standing Up for the Right to Be Ourselves

Gay nurses bring diversity and unique perspectives to the nursing workplace.
So why should they have to play “don’t ask, don’t tell” at work?

Russell Eugene Tranbarger: Renaissance Nurse

Russell Eugene Tranbarger

Educator, clinician, historian, legislative advocate, leader, author, editor, role model, trailblazer, nurse: Tranbarger has worn all of these hats, and more

Men in Nursing

Men in Nursing

In 2008, there were 3,063,163 licensed registered nurses in the United States. Only 6.6% of those were men and 16.8% were non-Caucasian.1 Despite efforts from nursing schools across the nation to recruit and retain more men and minorities, the results have been fairly modest.

Asian American/Pacific Islander Nurses Association (AAPINA) Names First Male President-Elect

Son XU

The Asian American/Pacific Islander Nurses Association (AAPINA) has named Yu (Philip) Xu, PhD, RN, as its 2010 president-elect. Dr.


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