Immigrant nurses

Congratulations, Minority Nurse Scholarship Winners!

First-Prize Winner, Shylisa Hicks

Another year, another record-breaking number of applicants, and another group of nurses and soon-to-be nurses that overwhelmed us with their determination, dedication, compassion, and intelligence. Choosing our scholarship winners has always been a difficult task, and this year was no exception.

Developing Chapter Champions

Now in its fourth year, the Philippine Nurses Association of America’s chapter leadership development program helps PNAA chapter presidents build crucial skills that will benefit them personally and professionally

Philippine Nurses in the U.S.—Yesterday and Today

During the mid 20th Century, thousands of nurses from the Philippines migrated to the
United States in search of the American dream. Today a whole new generation of nurses is following the trail they blazed.

Peer Power

Not content with just helping local students succeed, San José’s Filipino Nursing Students Association sets its sights on creating a nationwide support network

Follow Your Dreams

Think you could never become a nurse because there are too many obstacles in your way? Read the inspiring story of a nurse who beat the odds by refusing to give up on herself.

Giving Voice to the “Invisible Minority”

Although often hidden within the broader category of “Asian nurses,” Filipino nurses bring their own unique culture and abilities to America’s health care profession

In Our Own Backyard

Why should skilled nurses from Mexico and other countries have to work menial jobs in the U.S. because they lack licenses to practice here? Members of the National Association of Hispanic Nurses aren’t just asking that question—they’re doing something about it.

First Generation Education

Ana Laura Meza

There's no denying that pursuing higher education is a massive undertaking. For first-generation students, the College Assistance Migrant Program makes all the difference in the world

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