Rehabilitation and Care of Immunosuppressed Elderly Patients

The incidence of immunosuppressed elderly patients has increased over the past few years. Hospitals and rehabilitation centers are seeing patients with greater complications, which poses many risks.

Developments in the Fight Against HIV/AIDS

Since the first identification of AIDS in 1981, and the eventual discovery of HIV two years later, HIV/AIDS has become a dominant global public health priority with a wide range of humanitarian and economic implications.

The Challenges of Caring for Older HIV/AIDS Patients

Leopold Linton faulted the omelet he ate during a flight five years ago to Jamaica, his country of origin. He was sick to his stomach by the time he arrived at the airport in Black River on a Tuesday.

Antiretroviral drugs reducing the spread of HIV in heterosexuals

According to HealthDay News, two recent studies in Africa have shown antiretroviral drugs are effective in preventing the spread of HIV in heterosexuals. The trials were conducted by the U.S.

World AIDS Day: Getting to Zero

World AIDS Day: Getting to Zero

On December 1 each year, you will find countries around the world commemorating World AIDS Day to raise awareness of the spreading of HIV infection. Each year, a theme is chosen for the campaign by UNAIDS.

Minority pregnant women with HIV go untreated for depression

A study conducted by the University of Michigan College of Pharmacy found that 28% of low-income pregnant women with HIV are depressed but do not receive adequate treatment.

Nurses vs. HIV/AIDS Disparities: Creating Culturally Competent Interventions

In the conclusion of an exclusive two-part series, we examine the wide variety of resources available to help nurses develop their own culturally targeted solutions for addressing HIV/AIDS disparities in specific minority populations

White House, CDC Launch National AIDS Awareness Campaign

Act Against AIDS is a five-year national communication campaign targeted specifically to the minority populations most severely affected by AIDS disparities.

Resources Roundup 2008

Resources Roundup 2008

One of the biggest benefits of attending minority nursing association conferences—in addition to all the networking opportunities, educational programming, CEUs and camaraderie, of course—is getting to visit exhibits filled with booth after booth offering free or low-cost minority health resources that you can take home and start using in your practice right away.

UIC Nursing School Brings AIDS Education to Malawi

The University of Illinois at Chicago College of Nursing has been awarded a $1.25 million grant from the National Institute of Nursing Research to launch an unusual AIDS prevention community outreach project—unusual because the communities are located in Malawi, one of the poorest countries in Africa.

The Greatest Gift

How an HIV-positive nurse came to realize that his disease is a blessing in disguise--for both himself and his patients

Nurses vs. HIV/AIDS Disparities: Interventions that Work

In part one of an exclusive two-part series, we showcase the innovative work of minority nurses who are creating successful solutions for improving HIV/AIDS treatment and prevention in communities of color.

Preventing HIV/AIDS in Older African American Women

Preventing HIV/AIDS in Older African American Women

HIV infections are rising at an alarming rate among postmenopausal black women, and clinicians who provide health services need to be educated on their risk behaviors.

Groundbreaking HIV Prevention Campaign Targets Latino Gay Community

The colorful, bilingual advertisements first began to appear on San Francisco mass-transit buses in June. The messages and images they contain are simple but bold.

Want to Help Fight AIDS in the Black Community? Play Bid Whist!


If you think sitting down with your friends to play cards is just a matter of fun and games, think again.

White House, CDC Launch National AIDS Awareness Campaign

National AIDS Awareness

Back when he was a presidential candidate, Barack Obama promised to develop and begin to implement a comprehensive national HIV/AIDS strategy in the first year of his presidency.

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