Hispanic / Latino nurses

Hispanic Men in Nursing

Five accomplished Hispanic nurses who just happen to be guys talk about the special challenges they face, the unique strengths they bring to the table, and why the nursing profession needs to recruit a lot more people like them.

Flying with the Eagles

Are minority nurse leaders born or made? At a unique leadership development program in New Jersey, the answer is “both.”

Follow Your Dreams

Think you could never become a nurse because there are too many obstacles in your way? Read the inspiring story of a nurse who beat the odds by refusing to give up on herself.

Community Spirit

In Los Angeles, a community development organization is partnering with local colleges and hospitals to develop a much-needed resource: more Latino nurses.

Nurses With Borders

Culturally and linguistically competent Hispanic nurses can play a key role in reducing the serious health disparities faced by U.S.-Mexican border populations.

25 and Counting

The National Association of Hispanic Nurses marks its first quarter century of advancing the agenda for Hispanic health care needs

Nurse, Advocate, Activist

Haydee Canovas is a nurse with an exceptional commitment to improving lives in the Hispanic community--and health care is just the beginning.

A Harvest of Hope

Meet five Hispanic nurses who are making a difference in improving the quality of health care for migrant farm workers

A Military Victory

As one Hispanic nurse’s personal success story shows, serving in the military can help minority nurses overcome socioeconomic barriers, advance their education and develop into leaders.

No Stopping Him

Meet a courageous, career-changing student who refused to let a seemingly endless series of obstacles derail his dream of becoming a nurse


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