Culturally Competent Disaster Nursing

Lessons learned from Hurricane Katrina underscore the need for post-disaster nursing care that is more sensitive to the cultural needs of communities of color

Minority Nurse Educators in Cyberspace: A Progress Report

Now entering its third year, an innovative federally funded program designed to increase nursing students’ access to ethnically diverse faculty is a steadily growing success

An Army (and Navy and Air Force) of Opportunities

In both wartime and peacetime, nursing careers in the military offer exceptional opportunities to see the world, serve your country and advance to leadership positions

Working at the U.S. Navy

If you're interested in a career in health care, joining the U.S. Navy
could be just the stepping-stone you are looking for to launch your
health care education and career.

Working at the Department of Veterans Affairs

The Department of Veterans Affairs has an enormous responsibility to the people it serves, and the opportunities for employment are just as vast.

Working for the Indian Health Service

With a current vacancy rate of 12% for health professionals, Indian Health Services has plenty of career opportunities available. Is there a position available for you?

Working at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

A career with the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention provides you the opportunity to improve the health of all U.S. citizens.

Our Voice at the CDC

Thanks to the historic appointment of American Indian nurse Pelagie “Mike” Snesrud to a key federal health policy-making position, tribal nations have a champion within the system to advocate for their needs.

Serving Where the Need Is Greatest

A nursing career in the U.S. Public Health Service offers unlimited opportunities to serve your country while providing care to underserved populations around the world

Careers in Red, White and Blue

Whether your nursing expertise is in the clinical, academic or research setting, working for the federal government can be a rewarding opportunity to take your skills to the next level and improve minority health outcomes on a national scale.


Closing the Gap

What’s being done with the increased federal funding for programs designed to eliminate minority health disparities—and where do minority nurses fit into the picture?

Obama Economic Stimulus Program Includes Minority Health Provisions

Obama  Economic Stimulus Program Includes Minority Health Provisions

During all the recent discussion and debate over President Barack Obama’s $787 billion economic stimulus package, we’re heard plenty of talk about things like “shovel-ready projects,” “rebuilding crumbling infrastructure” and “green energy jobs.” But what about nurse-ready projects?


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