Family health histories

Siblings and autism

Siblings of children with autism are at a higher risk of also having the disorder than previously thought.

Sisterhood Is Powerful

The Sister Study, a landmark national study investigating the causes of breast cancer, wants to recruit as racially and ethnically diverse a participant sample as possible. Here’s how nurses can help spread the word.

Keeping Secrets Close to the Breast

Many Americans of color are reluctant to reveal information about their family health histories, even to their closest loved ones. Minority nurses can play an important role in helping to break the cycle of secrecy.

College peer educators fighting the infant mortality battle

College peer educators fighting the infant mortality battle

Last issue, Minority Nurse addressed infant mortality in minority communities, discussing some of the disparities, research, and solutions surrounding the issue. This piece was submitted as a supplement to "A Quiet Crisis: Racial Disparities and Infant Mortality"

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