Stronger Collaboration between RNs, Employers Encouraged to Reduce Risks from Nurse Fatigue

The American Nurses Association (ANA) calls for stronger collaboration between registered nurses (RNs) and their employers to reduce the risks of nurse fatigue for patients and nurses associated with shift work and long hours, and emphasizes strengthening a c

Top 25 Nursing Employers

What makes a company one of the “best” places to work is, of course, highly subjective. For some, a top-notch workplace is all about friendly coworkers and flexible hours; for others, salary and benefits are all that matter. 

Social Media Profile May Win or Lose You Jobs

 Looking for a job? Before applying for a new position, examine your social media profile. 

The Soft Skills of Nursing

The Soft Skills of Nursing

Nursing encompasses more than technical knowledge—but how can nurses cultivate and encourage those intangible skills?

Healing from the Bitter Pill of Incivility

Healing from the Bitter Pill of Incivility

Bullying has captured national attention lately, as “youthful teasing” escalates to pervasive, malicious, even dangerous levels. Yet, if only bullying stopped at high school. Nursing schools, hospitals, and private practices may not see schoolyard taunts, but incivility in the workplace certainly exists. Many minority nurses and other health professionals still experience various forms of prejudice at the workplace—not just from patients but each other. Here an expert on workplace bullying explores some examples and describes how nurses and schools of nursing can foster a more civil workplace.

Welcome Aboard

Preceptorship programs can help minority nurses successfully adjust to employment transitions as they advance their careers

A Policy of Caring

Whether you’re looking for a career change or just a different way to provide culturally sensitive care, insurance industry nursing can offer many rewarding opportunities

Career Magnetism

Magnet hospitals are more than just great places for nurses to work—they’re also employers with an exceptional commitment to helping minority nurses advance their careers.

Working at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

A career with the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention provides you the opportunity to improve the health of all U.S. citizens.

Working for the Indian Health Service

With a current vacancy rate of 12% for health professionals, Indian Health Services has plenty of career opportunities available. Is there a position available for you?

Working at the Department of Veterans Affairs

The Department of Veterans Affairs has an enormous responsibility to the people it serves, and the opportunities for employment are just as vast.

Working at the U.S. Navy

If you're interested in a career in health care, joining the U.S. Navy
could be just the stepping-stone you are looking for to launch your
health care education and career.

Valerie Fong: From Truck Driver to Nurse Manager

For Valerie Fong, MSN, RN, the road to career success with Kaiser Permanente has been filled with sharp turns, a steep learning curve or two, and a few interesting stops for deliveries. Fong's nontraditional transitions with one of the healthcare industry's leading companies serve as a relevant example for nurses who may be considering the career path less traveled.

Celebrating National Nurses Week, Celebrating You!

Celebrating National Nurses Week, Celebrating You!

Trust. Without it, our careers and lives lose a solid foundation. Trust is certainly at the forefront of nursing. It's apparent when patients seek medical care in their most vulnerable states, trusting nurses to ease their pain and help them recover.

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