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Add an NP to improve ER patient QT

Add an NP to improve ER patient QT

Crowded, busy emergency rooms may find their patient loads alleviated by the addition of just one nurse practitioner to general hospital staff, according to a new study by the Loyola University Health System.

African American patients exhibit higher COPD readmission rates

When patients leave a health care facility, everyone hopes it will be for the last time, as they go on to lead a healthy life. But for some African Americans with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), their return visits might necessitate a revolving door.

TTY Number Helps Hearing-Impaired Nurses Get Connected With Domestic Violence Information

According to the U.S. Department of Justice, 37% of all women who seek care in hospital emergency rooms for violence-related injuries were hurt by a current or former spouse or partner.

Nursing Volunteer Efforts

Joyce Hyatt, R.N., M.S., M.S.N., C.N.M., D.N.P. with a patient in Haiti

During times of crisis, nurses and medical professionals act as steadfast caretakers to help victims physically and mentally recover from disasters

Caring for Communities After Disaster

Caring for Communities After Disaster

Beyond the medicine and procedures, there’s a process behind disaster care that’s dramatically different from your everyday work, even in the busiest ER. There’s also an emotional component that’s hard to describe unless you’ve been there.

Into the Ruins: Nurses in Haiti

Into the Ruins: Nurses in Haiti

Nurses and doctors came to Port-au-Prince from all over the world, joining relief workers and military personnel to pull a city of two million people from the wreckage

Putting the ER in Diversity

Putting the ER in Diversity

Today’s unprecedented demand for more culturally and linguistically competent emergency nurses means there’s never been a better time for minority nurses to pursue careers in this exciting, rewarding specialty

Ground Zero Heroes

Police and firefighters weren’t the only ones who went far beyond the call of duty to respond to the crisis of September 11. Meet four courageous nurses who rose to the challenge when their country needed them most.

Saving Lives on the Front Lines

The diversity-intensive field of emergency nursing offers minority nurses a rewarding opportunity to make a life-or-death difference in patient care

Making an Investment in Nursing

Making an Investment in Nursing

Juan Pineda, RN, always knew he wanted to work in health care, but his career path took a few detours along the way. After a stint in the finance industry, he finally found the way back to his true passion--nursing.

Culturally Competent Disaster Nursing

Lessons learned from Hurricane Katrina underscore the need for post-disaster nursing care that is more sensitive to the cultural needs of communities of color

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