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NSAIDs May Lower Breast Cancer Recurrence Rate in Overweight and Obese Women

Recurrence of hormone-related breast cancer was cut by half in overweight and obese women who regularly used aspirin or other nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), according to data published in Cancer Research

Breast Cancer Prevention Beyond Mammograms: Addressing Root Cause

When Americans think of breast cancer, most consider it to be like a game of craps. If a woman is lucky she will avoid breast cancer during her lifetime, but if she is unlucky, then she may be diagnosed with this dreadful disease.

A foundation for future growth

A foundation for future growth

In an effort to combat the major health issues plaguing American Indians, the University of Kansas Medical Center and the American Indian Health Research and Education Alliance announced plans to create a Center for American Indian Community Health.

Caught by a nose

In the fight against cancer, so often the disease seems to be one-step ahead of researchers and health care providers. And anything that gives health professionals an advantage—advanced patient screenings, genetic indicators, etc.—is an important part of the battle.

Breast Cancer Crusader

Breast Cancer Crusader

For women’s health advocate Dr. Shirley Lampkin, fighting breast cancer disparities in the African American community isn’t just a job—it’s a mission.

Asian American Women Missing Out on Genetic Testing for Breast Cancer Risk

Asian American Women Missing Out on Genetic Testing for Breast Cancer Risk

Despite advances in genetic testing, researchers from Stanford University say many Asian American women with BRCA mutations seem to be falling through the cracks.

Study to Determine the Effectiveness of Support Programs on Women with Breast Cancer

Can stress management, social support and exercise have an effect on the overall health of women recently diagnosed with breast cancer? The University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) is conducting a study to find out.

Wanted: Funding for Culturally Competent Breast Cancer Education Resource

Meet Ruby and Pearl, two lovable, grandmotherly African-American ladies who have recently learned that a combination of monthly breast self-exams, regular mammograms and an annual clinical exam can reduce their risk of suffering from breast cancer.

New Breast Cancer Research Could Boost Survival Rate for Minority Women

A recent discovery by Italian scientist Dr. Pier Francesco Ferrucci, a cancer specialist at the European Institute of Oncology in Milan, could help more women survive breast cancer.

Breast Cancer: Finding the Roots of Disparities

Breast Cancer: Finding the Roots of Disparities

Female breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer among all races, yet mortality rates differ between ethnicities and early detection numbers falter among minorities. A challenging yet rewarding specialty, oncology nursing puts nurses against such inequalities.

Teaching the Teachers

In a unique approach to preventive education, nurses are training minority medical students to teach women of color about breast cancer.

An Army of One

How much of a difference can just one nurse make in fighting breast cancer disparities in her community? The answer is “plenty”--especially if she’s an instructor who gets her students involved.

Leaders Follow

In the battle against racial and ethnic breast cancer disparities, being a leader means more than just taking initiative. It also means honoring the successes of others who have contributed to the fight.

Sisterhood Is Powerful

The Sister Study, a landmark national study investigating the causes of breast cancer, wants to recruit as racially and ethnically diverse a participant sample as possible. Here’s how nurses can help spread the word.

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