American Indian / Native American health

Where There’s Smoke

Individually and collectively, nurses can play a unique leadership role in reducing tobacco use in minority communities. Here’s how you can get involved.

Researching With Respect

Nurses conducting research in American Indian communities must learn to be more culturally sensitive to tribes’ unique needs

Tribes Know Best

To provide effective health care to Indian populations, nurses must understand the complexities of tribal governance

The Indian Health Service Wants You

The Indian Health Service Wants You

Nurses of all races and ethnicities can find rewarding, culturally rich career opportunities helping the IHS fulfill its mission of improving health outcomes for American Indians and Alaska Natives

Public Spirit

Lula Owl Gloyne, the first Eastern Band Cherokee nurse, practicing at an unknown location

As the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians’ first public health nurse, Lula Owl Gloyne dedicated her life to bringing health and hope to her people and her community.

Lessons from My Father

Lessons from My Father

American Indian nurse scientist John Lowe wanted to know why his Cherokee father had managed to avoid the health problems so often found in Indian communities. Today the answer to that question continues to inspire Lowe’s pioneering research on culturally competent solutions to Native American health disparities.


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