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Scholarship money abounds for students pursuing undergraduate or graduate education in nursing. Below is just a small sampling of such funding-much of it available only to minority nursing students. All awards have various criteria for recipients, which may include financial need, academic achievement and involvement in community service. In addition, some awards require the recipient to work in a specific location-often a medically underserved area-after graduation. Contact the sponsoring organizations for more detailed information.

Titlesort ascending Organization Deadline Amount
Health Professions Scholarship Program Indian Health Service Feb 28th
Health Professions Scholarship Program U.S. Air Force Tuition, fees, books and supplies, plus monthly allowance for living expenses
Health Professions Pre-graduate Scholarship/Indian Health Service Scholarship Alaska Area Native Health Services Apr 1st
Health Education Scholarship Minnesota Chapter of the American Cancer Society Apr 15th $1,500
Graduate Nursing Scholarships March of Dimes $5,000
Georgia Legion Auxiliary Past Presidents' Parley Nurses' Scholarship American Legion Auxiliary May 1st
George B. Boland Nurses Training Trust Fund National Forty and Eight Varies
FNSNA Annual Scholarship Program Foundation of the National Student Nurses' Association Jan 1st
FNSNA Annual Scholarship Program Foundation of the National Student Nurses’ Association Jan 1st Varies, depending on the scholarship
F. Edward Hebert Armed Forces Health Professions Scholarship Program U.S. Army


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