Nurses, Jobs and Money 7.0 CE Workshop

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Having trouble landing a position in nursing? Burned out in your current position as a nurse? This event is for you!! 

Did you believe in the myth of plenty of nursing jobs everywhere? Did you go to school thinking a nursing degree would launch you into a career of success and riches? Did you believe that if you simply worked hard in your job, you would be well-paid—only to find that none of these were true?

This 7.0 CE workshop, Nurses, Jobs and Money, debunks those myths, offering a sobering portrait of the nursing industry—and what you can do to advance your nursing career and salary in today’s environment!

Filled with proven techniques and real-life case studies, this workshop will teach you exactly how to plan your career for optimal income and success!

Presented by a veteran nurse and healthcare professional who has single-handedly helped hundreds of nurses expand their careers, this workshop offers an honest look at the challenges facing nurses today, as well as refreshing solutions for attaining your next career goal.

Whether you are a student nurse or a seasoned healthcare professional, you can use these tips, detailed scenarios and step-by-step guides on how to catapult your career to lucrative opportunities in the nursing profession.

RECAPWho should attend? 

Student nurses, newly graduated nurses, seasoned nurses, unemployed and underemployed nurses, returning military nurses, disabled nurses, and more!  Even if you are not a nurse you are SURE to gain insightful andrealistic techniques on how to advance in your field!!!

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About the Speaker

Carmen Kosicek, RN, MSN has an extensive academic and professional background — in the fields of nursing and healthcare.

Carmen has helped hundreds of nurses and nursing students to envision a brighter nursing future filled with possibilities. With her love of business, she has assisted her nursing clients to increase their incomes by 20 percent or more within 18 months.

Contemporary, passionate and thought provoking, Carmen challenges nurses with support, encouragement and guidance to reach beyond their envisioned expectations. She guides them, with step-by-step techniques on how they can position themselves in the nursing field for continued career growth and success.

Carmen explicitly presents a 21st Century proactive approach affording nurses the opportunity to protect their coveted RN license within today’s vicious litigious arena–above and beyond traditional malpractice coverage.

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Thursday, September 12, 2013 (All day)
Chicagoland Suburb: Naperville, IL
Maggiano's 1847 Freedom Drive
60563 Naperville, IL
United States
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