Does Daylight Savings Have You Feeling Down?

The holidays are soon approaching and the days are getting shorter, meaning less daylight during waking hours. Holidays bring a variety of emotions out of people ranging from their favorite time of the year to the most depressing time of the year. If you fall in the latter category, there may be more to it then just the routine hustle and bustle of the season getting you down.

Is Sunshine Magic for Nurses?

Few nurses were probably surprised by the latest study linking natural sunlight to better moods.

Nurses Face Greater Risk for Depression

Nurses deal with a spectrum of emotions on any given day. As caregivers, you see your share of gut-wrenching moments. Stressful occurrences are constant. With time, you learn coping skills to protect your heart, your sanity, your life. But what if the “blues” or a “bad day” lingers too long?

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