Universty of Nevada School of Medicine

The University of Nevada School of Medicine admits 68 students each year, many of whom are Nevada residents. The first two years of the curriculum - the basic science years - are taught at the Reno campus. The third and fourth years - the clinical years - are spent in hospitals and clinics throughout the state. The medical school gives students the opportunity to work on research projects, interact with patients, work directly with physicians, and experience the excitement of becoming a physician.

The School of Medicine is one of a growing number of medical schools across the country to begin clinical training in the first two years of medical education. First and second year students experience preceptorships with comunity-based primary care physicians. This unique opportunity allows students to experience how "real" medicine is practiced early in medical school.

The University of Nevada School of Medicine offers students the opportunity to earn combined degrees. The M.D./Ph.D. program is designed for students who are intrigued with the idea of using their medical skills in research as well as patient care.

The MD-MBA and MD-MPH dual degrees are 5 year programs that were developed especially for medical students. Students who are interested in health care administration or the business side of clinic operation might consider the MD-MBA. Students who are interested in illness prevention, research and population-based healthcare should consider the MD-MPH. Additionally, programs that offer concentrated study in areas such as clinical ethics, global health, or nutrition should view our webpage at http://www.medicine.nevada.edu/dept/OME/specialprograms.html .

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