Ownonly is one of the leading apparel enterprises which focus on the high-grade customization, we have our own factory, brand and design. Our garments are sold to the whole world. Compared to others, our sales volume is enormous. Upholding the purpose of more convenient, faster, better quality and high affordable, we will improve our design, production and management ability and perfect our service policy. We believe you will get a distinctive shopping experience. 

We don't think that it will take 5000 USD at least if one gentleman wants to wear a suit which can show his elegance. Maybe other brands need such money, but in ownonly, you just need pay one-twelfth of the 5000usd, then you can get one suitable garment. Why our garments are so cheap?First, we build our factory in China, so even we import material from Italy, our cost is still below others much.. Second, we produce and sell, there is no expensive store rental, no inventory backlog, reducing the middle process and middle cost. These are the reasons why we can provide the most competitive price.Website:http://www.ownonly.com/

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