Jacob Hiller Review Review For Accessories That Can Injure The Opponent

What items are prohibited from wearing basketball players during the match? This applies mainly to those accessories that can injure the opponent, because basketball - is a constant interaction between the players. The Jump Manual By Jacob Hiller - Players are allowed to wear soft bandage on his head and hands, adhesive plasters, medical bandages and compression sleeves if they meet certain requirements from the medical point of view. Forbidden to wear on his elbows, hands, fingers, wrists or forearms objects made of metal, hard leather or plastic. Products made of soft leather must only be worn under the shirt.
According to Jacob Hiller Program, Basketball players are also prohibited from wearing solid objects, fixing their hair, such as hairpins or necklaces. Allowed to wear no more than one bandage on his forehead, it should not be any decoration, and its width does not exceed two inches in width. The rim must be white, black or beige. Also, the players do not hit basketball match jewelry, including necklaces, bracelets and earrings are different. The jump manual download - According to current rules shared by Jacob Hiller, religious crosses are not considered an ornament, you can wear them, but they have to be attached with adhesive tape to the body of a basketball player. Rules of basketball do not use any equipment, items and clothing that can give the player an advantage, for example, to increase the ability to jump high. Any clothing should not be altered from its original state, which produced the manufacturer.

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