Hidden Gem: NCLEX Review Course Spotlight- NCSBN Review Course

Preparing for the NCLEX can be cumbersome and finding the best review course may be a bit overwhelming. Are you looking for a course that is affordable, interactive, and self-paced? Well, the NCSBN review course, or the National Council of State Boards of Nursing, may be the right course for you! Notably Hurst, Kaplan, and Sylvia Rayfield are the most publicized and recommended review courses among nursing students and faculty. Certainly, these review courses are excellent resources, but they are marked with a hefty price. 

For the nursing student living on a budget or raising a family, those prices may create a deathlike squeeze to his or hers budget. So, during my last semester, I began searching for a course to prepare for licensure. Certainly, major search engines, such as Google, pushed those heavy hitters (Hurst, Kaplan, and Sylvia Rayfield). However, I stumbled across a hidden gem, a jewel christened NCSBN. During my preceptorship, I overheard underground chatter regarding the course’s increasing popularity. Likewise, my preceptor praised that the course equipped her with the knowledge, strategies, and confidence to successfully pass at her first attempt. Most importantly, she boasted that NCSBN’s review course questions were startlingly parallel to those she encountered during her examination, and she passed with 75 questions! Of course, I was impressed with her recommendation; nevertheless, I conducted my own inquiry. Wonderfully, I discovered that the hype concerning the course was justified. Want to know why it’s hot?

NCSBN Learning Extension

It is…

  • 3 weeks- $50
  • 5 weeks- $70
  • 8 weeks- $100
  • 15 weeks- $160
  • It’s Challenging! -The questions and material promotes critical thinking. Plus, this course provides 24 hours access.
  • It’s Affordable! – This course won’t break the bank!
  • The National Council of State Boards of Nursing develops it.
    • Hint: This group writes the NCLEX exam!!!!!

Because of its features and promising references, I selected NCSBN’s review course. Initially, I found it to be very challenging and intense. The content explored and provided a comprehensive review of all subjects. As I reviewed the material, I progressively gained confidence and knowledge, and I developed vital critical thinking and test taking skills. Furthermore, I found that the questions provide in the review course were uncannily similar to those on my NCLEX exam.  Thankfully, I passed with 75 questions on my first attempt! Frequently, I recommend this review course to all of my friends enrolled in nursing programs. Undeniably, I am confident that the NCSBN review course delivered a ready-made guide to success.

In the end, you must choose the best review course that meets your needs. Some individuals engage and thrive in a classroom-like atmosphere while others flourish in self-paced lessons. All in all, I advocate studying hard, staying committed, and trusting in the power of your knowledge. You made it through nursing school!

 I welcome you to share you thoughts and experiences! I can’t wait to hear your responses.


Do you have the percentage of NCLEX passers who used this material before? I'm doing self study for the exam with the aid of mobile app and ebooks but it would be helpful as well to get an advice from an expert!



Currently, I am researching their pass rates. Are the mobile apps and e-book material challenging? If so, they may be great resources to use. Have you tried any practice exams? I would strongly recommend that you try a couple to gauge your strengths and weakness in content area. I will get back to you soon with a definite answer. Keep me updated! I am happy to see your interest. 

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