In the Spotlight: Cassondra Francis

Cassondra Francis, BSN, RN, clinical nurse III in labor and delivery at Mercy Medical Center in Baltimore, MD, holds a Bachelor’s in Nursing from University of Delaware and has been a nurse for five years.

“I knew I would always do something where I would be helping people or animals but I didn't know I would become a nurse until my freshman year at Delaware,” Francis says. “I feel like I literally woke up one day thinking, ‘I'm going to be a nurse.’ That was it.”

Francis says she had a rocky start since she didn’t pass her NCLEX right away.

“I've never been a good test taker but the fact that I didn't pass right away really motivated me and stressed me out,” she says. “Once I passed my NCLEX I quickly became involved on the unit joining committees and participating in education. I became the chair of our units OR committee and worked toward climbing the nursing clinical ladder. I headed an EBP project which helped to initiate a CHG scrub to help prevent post-surgical infections on our unit. I am currently getting certified as a forensic nurse examiner.”

Francis says she loves her current position as a L&D nurse because she is around families every day that are welcoming the most important thing in their lives to the world. “I am able to do so many roles as a nurse in L&D and it’s very rewarding.”

She says she hasn’t faced any issues or problems as a minority nurse and has this advice for other minorities: “Further yourself and do what you love. Remember what nursing is and let any set back fuel you more for what you want.”

Francis envisions starting as a SAFE nurse at Mercy and going back to school to get her master’s in public health within the next five years. She also plans to remain an L&D nurse – an area of nursing that she is passionate about.

Denene Brox is a freelance writer based in Kansas City.


My mom was a Nurse-midwife for many years in my country of origin. She worked independently at a maternity clinic in the rural areas, and was just as motivated as you are to help others. She would share expiriences from "foot formost" or babies that present feet first, face first deliveries too. Sometimes she delivers without the help of a doctor, and knew when to refer the patient out to area hospitals for C-sections if the fetus was turned across. I know that with your Masters, you would do the same. Good luck!