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Reindeer for Christmas Cheer

Reindeer, Christmas cheer

This is the time of year we wish for peace on earth and good will to men. Sometimes, though, we lose sight of the spirit of the season. It’s easy to get swept up by the humbuggery and consumerism that are part and parcel of the modern American Christmas.

5 LinkedIn Tricks for Job Seekers

You know LinkedIn is a great tool for job seekers, but do you know the tricks for using LinkedIn that will improve your chances of finding a job that's a good match?

In a (Holiday) Hurry? Try the Belly Breath Slow-Down…

The end of the year is a rushed and hurried time for most of us, no matter what holiday we celebrate. Are you marking Winter Solstice (Dec. 21), Christmas (Dec. 25), Kwanzaa (Dec. 26 to Jan. 1), or New Years’ Eve (Dec. 31) for observance?

Dining Out Gluten and Allergy-Free

Join our live video Q&A with author Kim Koeller on dining out gluten & allergy-free. This live video session will be held on Spreecast at 1 PM EST today.

Resume Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make

Last week we reviewed key aspects recruiters look for in a resume.  This week we will focus on what recruiters don’t want to see on a resume and how to avoid getting your resume tossed in the trash.

Why You Need LinkedIn If You Aren't Looking for a Job

LinkedIn is a business standard now, but you may wonder if you really need it. Many people think an online profile, which highlights your career achievements and makes connections with others in the field easy and reliable, is strictly a job-seeking tool. Because of that view, not all nurses see LinkedIn as a valuable career resource. If you are a nurse who has no intention of looking for a new job or even taking one if an offer was made to you, do you still really need a LinkedIn profile?

Did you forget -- or refuse -- your flu shot?

Did you get your flu vaccination yet for this season? If not, you’ve joined the ranks of healthcare workers who, for a variety of reasons, delay or outright refuse vaccination.  Do nurses -- like patients -- have the right to say No to flu shots?

Nurse Residency Program: The First Eight Weeks

I am now in week #7 of the program, almost halfway through the orientation process, and it has been everything I wanted from nursing school and so much more. There are days where we feel like we’re back in school with lectures, PowerPoints, and exams. Then when we are on our various units—not as students or helpers, but as the actual nurse giving patient care and putting our critical thinking to work—all the sacrifices, the long hours studying, the lack of sleep, and the chaos of interviewing is worth it. Here is a breakdown of what to expect during your first eight weeks.

Revamp Your Resume for Maximal Results

As the year comes to an end many people start to evaluate their goals for the upcoming New Year. Typical resolutions like losing weight, saving money, and trying a new hobby prevail, but what if your resolution is to find a new career?

Nurse Reflections: Deborah Thedford-Zimmerman

In a special new video series, Ashley Wagner sits down with Deborah Thedford-Zimmerman, RN, the bariatric surgery coordinator at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, and asks her about her nursing journey, the importance of role models, and the advice she would give to young minority nurses.

5 Tips for Your Holiday Job Search

Looking for a job in health care during the holidays can be a challenge. Hospitals usually ramp up recruiting in January -- to coincide with graduation at nursing schools.

Take This Nursing and Technology Survey! Win a Gift Card!

Take our annual Nursing and Technology Survey 2013 to help us understand your Nursing and technology needs. The survey is open to all nurses in the nursing profession or academia.  Tell us which Nursing area you specialize in and which digital device you use most frequently.

Stressed? Breath in & Count to 5...

As a nurse, you most definitely know the meaning of the words Stressed Out! If you're anything like me, you've also tried all sorts of techniques for getting a hold of yourself so that you don't Burn Out.

Back to the Past: Recognizing Our Potential in the Moment

Every now and again, I find myself thinking about the next routine or task seemingly without any recognition of the present moment.

World AIDS Day: Getting to Zero!

Every year on December 1st, world communities unite in the fight against HIV/ AIDS. On this special day, we unite and show our support for those living with HIV/ AIDS and pay tribute to individuals who have died from this disease. Though countless medical advancements have been made to end this pandemic, approximately 25 million lives have been lost since 1981. Globally, roughly 34 million people are living with HIV/AIDS. Sadly, the incidences of new cases are on the rise. So, what can you do on World AIDS Day?

Beyond the Bedside: Nursing Careers on the Rise

Are you interested in career opportunities beyond the bedside? These prospects are great alternatives to the traditional path!

The Newbie Nurse’s Guide to Coping with Stress

The nursing profession is a high impact, high stakes field. As nurses we cope with staffing shortages, high patient acuity, and stressful work environments. Moreover, these things can interfere with productivity and adversely affect patient care. In particular, new nurses who experience high levels of stress may become physically ill or experience emotional burnout. Although I am a new nurse, I utilize stress-relieving techniques while working during my shift. Early on, I grasped that I would face many situations that are out of my control, and I have discovered that these techniques aid me in coping with existing and potential stressors.

Eating Hacks for Party-Happy Holidays

Now that the three-month long holiday season is in full-swing, we could all use a few tips on how to curtail holiday noshing.

Conquering the Night Shift as a Newbie Nurse

Many new nurses start their careers working the infamous night shift. As a new nurse, making the transition to a night schedule was difficult. For instance, after I completed my 3-day stretch, I found it challenging to readjust to my normal schedule. So, I asked seasoned nurses on methods to successfully navigate my path. With a positive attitude and an open heart, I applied their recommendations. Within a few days of applying their advice, I felt more revitalized and productive. Listed below are the recommendations. Hopefully, these tips will assist nurses struggling with their transition to a night schedule.

A Guide on Making it Through the Holidays as a Newbie Nurse

I understand that working on a holiday is difficult, but you can get through it! Below is a guide on making it though the holidays as a new nurse!


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