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Recovering From Identity Theft

So you find out somehow you’ve been victimized by an identity thief. Maybe your bank notified you of an outrageous charge on your account or you receive an email one day from a company thanking you for a purchase you didn't make.

Financial Matters: How to Handle a Lay-Off

Tiffany Aliche

It’s an unpleasant reality that in our current economy many workers experience being laid off – and that unfortunately includes nurses.

Five Fun Tips (and a Weird One!) to Avoid Nurse Burnout

Every day, we jump in the scrubs, head to the hospital, and complete the tasks that keep people alive. It's a tough job, and most days it's really, really rewarding. But let's be honest: there are some days when being a nurse is a total drag. Luckily, there are a few tricks you can use to re-motivate and stay cheerful.

Ready to Change Your Life? Consider Working With a Life Coach

We all experience periods in our careers and lives where we feel stuck-in-a-rut or unsure of which direction to go in.

4 Steps to Ease Your Caregiving Stress

With April officially designated as Stress Awareness Month, this is a great time to take a hard look at making your life a little easier.

Love Your Skin: DIY "Green" Laundry Soap

Green Laundry

Suffering from dry, itchy, sensitive skin all over your body? Maybe you'd like to see whether laundry soap is the culprit.

Making a Difference Forever: Nurse-Family Partnership

It’s one of the most effective health programs in the country, and one of the most trusted health non-profits in the United States. It could never happen without the care and dedication of nurses.

In the Spotlight: Courtney Shelton, RN

Courtney Shelton, RN, is a travel nurse who has worked in various locations including Rapid City, South Dakota, El Paso, Texas and Tyler, Texas.

5 Ways to Get Yourself Out of a Rut

If there's ever a time to get yourself out of a rut, spring is the time to do it. With more sunshine giving us a longer day, there seems to be more time and our senses wake up. If you have been feeling like the winter has you just going through the motions, use the energy of spring to bring yourself back into focus.

Comfortable and Durable shoes for Nurses


More than any part of the body, feet take on quite a bit of work each day. Effectively supporting the foot with the right shoe can make huge differences for athletes as well as nursing professionals!

Travel Nursing: Finding a Recruiter

In my first post in our travel nursing series, I discussed some basic questions you should ask yourself to find out if travel nursing is a good fit for you.

Why It Matters If You're an Independent Contractor or an Employee

One of the best perks of being a nurse is the flexibility that can come with the job. Throughout their careers and as their own personal needs change, nurses are able to change their schedules more easily than most other professions.

Is Travel Nursing For You?

Does the thought of living and working in a new city or town every three months appeal to you? Sound like a dream? Maybe to some, but travel nursing is a reality for a growing number of nurses across the country.

DIY Green Hand Cleaner

green disinfecting hand wash

Nurses do plenty of hand washing at work, so they can take it a bit easier on their digits at home. Soap and water is a fine disinfectant (the Environmental Protection Agency says so), and anti-bacterial soaps and liquids are not needed for a true clean.

Protect Yourself From Identity Theft

A recent national security breech has left consumers concerned about protecting their identity. Your personal information is floating around everywhere. Any place you have done business has a record of your personal information. The local retail chain you love so much.

Health Tech: FitBit Gives the Gift of Data


I first met my FitBit when our office manager gave each of us one to wear. The device came in a colorful package with directions on how to start an online account, which, upon sign-in, produced a rainbow of graphs, weekly rankings, and goals.

Get Ready For Your Conference

Are you headed to a conference? Do you know how to effectively spend your time during this professional development opportunity? Make any conference worthwhile with a game plan to keep you focused and organized. Follow these six tips to have a successful conference experience.

In the Spotlight: Dr. Irene Daniels Lewis, NBNA Historian

For all their individual approaches and unique sets of beliefs, nurses share a common bond of a very rewarding, if not grueling, career.

Brighten Your (Indoor) Life: DIY Window Cleaner

Window Squeegee

In the olden-days, before central heating was common, people closed up their windows tight in the winter months and kept warm with wood or coal heating sources.

Nurse's Guide to a "Green" Clean

baking soda cleaner

As a nurse, you're aware of the importance of cleanliness, yes, but also the danger of using toxic brews to deodorize and disinfect. How do you balance household hygiene with health-related chemical sensitivity and allergy concerns?


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