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Chicken Soup for the Nurse's Soul

Looking for reading material in all the wrong places? Feeling like you’d like to read something other than a textbook? (don’t we all…)  These books will refresh your soul and offer a few new perspectives in patient care.

21 Days to Better Health Habits?


For a long time we've been told that in 28 days we could count on a new habit sticking for good. But not so fast -- does scientific research back up that claim? No, it turns out that figure is a considerable underestimation.

4 Tips to Age-Proof an Older Resume

When you apply for a job, do you ever wonder if the hiring manager might think you are too old? Can you really age-proof your credentials so your talents and your capabilities shine thorough and not your age?

Sticking to a Budget

So you've decided to take your out-of-control financial situation firmly in hand. You've identified your spending "hot zones," set some motivational savings goals, and created a budget to get you where you want to go. Now the trick is: Sticking to it. 

3 Ways to Rein in Spending


Like most Americans, your financial situation may feel out of control. Maybe you overspend for big-ticket items – like a car payment. Or more likely, your money problem is little purchases here and there that add up over time. What financial gurus call the “latte factor.”

Dress for Success

It’s amazing what self-confidence can help one accomplish. Self-confidence can come from receiving a compliment, losing weight, accomplishing a goal…just about anything.

Mary Seacole: Black Nightingale

In commemoration of Black History Month, I find it befitting to honor Mary Seacole. Seacole was an amazing individual that weathered injustices and revolutionized the art of nursing. As a contemporary of Florence Nightingale, she too weathered the battlefronts of the Crimean War. Notably, soldiers christened her the “Black Nightingale”. Although she was not an American citizen, her tenacity and bravery continually inspires nurses worldwide. Watch this exciting clip celebrating the legacy of our “Black Nightingale”.

Study Reports Diabetes Is Top Concern for Latinos

Latinos Lives and Health, a poll released last month by NPR, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and the Harvard School of Public Health, found diabetes is

The Benefits Everybody Should Know About Nursing Aide Jobs

certified nursing assistant

Are you considering a career in nursing, but afraid of the financial and time commitment necessary to obtain the degree? Consider becoming a certified nursing assistant. It requires less training and can be a great stepping stone for those who want to test the waters before committing to years of training and school.

Practices of Successful Nurses

As a new nurse, I have observed and learned from outstanding clinicians. Some have provided invaluable guidance. While others have taught essential skills and tricks only experience could bestow. So, when I asked the age-old question, “ How can I make it through my shift unscathed and emotionally sound?” Thankfully, these outstanding nurses offered similar advice time and time again. Here’s the scoop.

The 5 Best Joy-Inducing Video Games for Busy Nurses

New research in the past year alone has emerged to tell us that video games are not as bad as they’ve seemed to be. In fact, game play may help us flourish since it is a plentiful source of stress-relief, and some video games may even help us feel more calm. Gone are the days of intense running, jumping, and button-mashing, here to stay are games that can fit any mood!

Share the Love of Dairy this Valentine’s Day and Everyday!

When it comes to consuming milk and other dairy products, does your heart tell you yes, and your mind tell you no? Lactose intolerance (LI) could be the culprit in the lover’s quarrel that keeps you from the enjoyment of delicious and nutritious dairy foods. Red alert: It doesn’t have to be that way. Many people with lactose intolerance can enjoy these foods- even on a daily basis.

App Highlight: Talking Translator

As a nurse working in a large metropolitan medical facility, I am interacting with several languages and cultures. In short, my work atmosphere epitomizes the expression a “melting pot”. Therefore, it is imperative that patients are provided culturally competent care in their native language. In a perfect world, each non-English speaking patient would be provided an interpreter. However, in actuality this is simply a dream. So, I use an amazing app called Talking Translator to communicate with my non-English speaking patients. Take a look at this app's highlights.

Dating and the Single Nurse

Valentine’s day is coming up and a few nurses may be spending the holiday for lovebirds alone. While it might be a tad late to find a date for Valentine’s Day, nurses aren’t doomed to be alone forever.

Making Health Habitual for Nurses

Tooth Flossing

How are you doing sticking to your New Year’s self-improvement goals? According to a new book about American self-help, Promise Land, 45% of us set well-intentioned goals in January. Then all too quickly we abandon them.

5 Career Lessons from the Olympics

Watching the Olympics can teach even the most driven nurse something new. Viewing the awesome physical feats is stunning, but even more amazing is the invisible, but so apparent, mental focus of these singularly intense world-class athletes.

Great Hand Creams for Dry, Cracked Hands

As nurses and budding students, we are constantly washing our hands with harsh industrial cleansers and sanitizers to inhibit the growth and transmission of organisms. Unfortunately, by the end of the shift, we develop unsightly hands that are rough, cracked, and uncomfortably dry. Find out which products this nurse swears by.

Crowdsourcing Solutions to Nurse Weight Gain

Pink Socks on Scales

Want to lose pounds or maintain a healthy weight as a nurse? Try crowdsourcing a solution. That's the practice of soliciting ideas from a large group of people, especially when done online.

Mobile Health and Online Patient Communication: Where Nurses Fit In

One of the most discussed advances in medical technology today is the mobile revolution, which has opened the doors for patients to use special apps and services to message their doctor electronically. It seems like patients everywhere are thrilled to have the opportunity to text, email, and IM their doctors over HIPPA-compliant communication services.

School Nurses Adapting to Modern Needs

A registered professional school nurse is considered the initiator and leader of health policies and programs within her affiliated school, according to the


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