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Communication is Key: Importance of Effective Hand-off Reporting

Communication breakdown is the leading cause of medical errors such as gaps in health care, incomplete or missing information, and medication errors. Most importantly, communication supports the foundation of patient care. So, hand-off reporting during shift change is a critical process that is key in protecting a patient’s safety. Throughout the hand-off report, it is vital to provide accurate, up-to-date, and pertinent information to the oncoming nurse. Not only are nurses transferring responsibility, we are shepherding and ensuring a safe passage.

How To Transform A Health Crisis Into An Opportunity for Growth

Now more than ever, the promise of control appears to be everywhere. Every new magazine or book seems to say: "Take charge of your personal development, relationships, finances, and career with the push of a button." We download the apps, we make calendars and budgets, and we track our miles and our achievements with pedometers. But all the technology and planning in the world can't prepare us for the unexpected challenges of a health crisis.

Nursing + Stress + Less Sleep = Weight Gain?

It can be a struggle to embrace healthy habits after an exhausting day at work. The reasons are all too familiar: erratic hours, high stress levels, skipped meals, and, lack of motivation.

The Emancipation of the Patient

Huge changes are sweeping the health care landscape; electronic medical records (EMR), the resurgence of clinics as the point of care delivery, the medical home, care disparities, cost and financing issues, the Affordable Care Act, and the market-driven nature of medical care. But their significance, however, is not matched by one that is passionately mentioned in that list. It’s the primacy of the patient and their satisfaction.

From Nurse to Business Owner: Strategies to Succeed, Part 1

Do you know that being a nurse qualifies you for many unique business opportunities? Many nurses aren’t aware or don’t know how to capitalize from the knowledge they possess. Let’s explore some common reasons a nurse wouldn’t feel confident about branching out on their own and how to change your mindset to become a successful business owner.

7 Ways to Boost Your Creativity: A Guide to Discovering Your Artistic Potential

Whether we're just starting on our path to serve in the health care industry, or already in service to our communities, there's no better time than now to remember that taking time to nurture our creative sides can be an asset to our careers.

The Power in Knowing: Advocacy in Disease Prevention and Health Promotion

As nurses, faculty, and nursing students we are staunch advocates for healthcare promotion and principally disease prevention. Continually, we encourage our patients, families, and friends to become health literate in expectation of living healthy, fulfilling, and satisfying lives. With the incredible growth of technology and research, this is an apt time to take back one’s health. In particular, the developers of 23andMe share equal interests concerning individuals being cognizant about their health report card. Foremost, the initial and most important step is identifying our health risks.

Break a Bad Habit in Five Easy Steps!

We all have bad habits and, luckily, most of them are very forgivable. After all, we are all human and not perfect. But at work, employees' bad habits can lead to conflicts with coworkers and even being overlooked for a promotion.

Cancer Resources for Hispanics

Perhaps there's no disease as feared and diagnosis as dreaded as that of cancer. Here are a few health resources that your Hispanic patients can turn to for information, guidance, or help dealing with a possible or actual cancer diagnosis.

Hispanics and Cancer

According to the American Cancer Society, cancer is the #1 cause of death among Hispanics in this nation. (It overtook heart disease as the leading cause in 2012.) 

Nurse Residency Program: The Next Adventure

In three weeks I will begin the nurse residency program and take a step closer to my fulfilling my lifelong dream of being a nurse. Last month I received the coveted phone call from a facility I had applied to. After a long telephone interview and two panel interviews that spanned three months, I was offered a position in their nurse residency program. For those who do not know what a nurse residency program is, it is a bridge that takes the newly graduated nurse and aids in the transformation into a confident practitioner.

Pocket Survival Guide and Playbook for the Nursing Student

Nursing school can be difficult and at times overwhelming. As a new graduate, I have strong memories of fast approaching exam dates, hundreds of clinical hours, and jam-packed study sessions. Since nursing school differs from other disciplines, I was imparted with invaluable guidance and wisdom that certainly directed my path. Fortunately, I have an insider’s guide to navigate and thrive while enrolled in any nursing program. If you follow my prescription for success, you will flourish and rise to the top of your nursing program!

How to Stay Fit on 12 Hour Shifts

Nurses work long hours and have very demanding jobs, making it hard to manage a healthy exercise and eating plan. We preach healthy eating and exercise habits to our patients, but do we practice what we preach? What’s the best way to stay fit on 12 hour shifts?

Hidden Gem: NCLEX Review Course Spotlight- NCSBN Review Course

Preparing for the NCLEX can be cumbersome and finding the best review course may be a bit overwhelming. Are you looking for a course that is affordable, interactive, and self-paced? Well, the NCSBN review course, or the National Council of State Boards of Nursing, may be the right course for you! Notably Hurst, Kaplan, and Sylvia Rayfield are the most publicized and recommended review courses among nursing students and faculty. Certainly, these review courses are excellent resources, but they are marked with a hefty price.

Q&A on Diabetes and Hispanics with Dr. Angelica P. Herrera

Angelica P. Herrera, DrPH, MPH,an Assistant Professor in the Center for Aging Studies at the University of Maryland Baltimore County, knows all too well the havoc that diabetes plays in the Hispanic community.

The Dark Side of Nursing: My Experience with Lateral Violence

Yet again, nurses have been chosen as America’s most trusted profession. Nurses are increasingly depicted as honest, trustworthy, and compassionate—and nurses are needed more than ever with the always changing health care atmosphere and the rise of the baby boomers. In spite of nursing’s increasing popularity, media outlets have failed to report a rising development in the nursing arena, which are increasing accounts of lateral violence and burnout among new graduates.

Nurses as "Champions of Coverage": Part 2

Today, October 1st, is the beginning of enrollment in online health insurance marketplaces nationwide. The exchanges are at the center of the Affordable Care Act (or Obamacare), the largest healthcare expansion this country has seen in nearly half a century.

The Affordable Care Act and How it Affects Nurses

The Affordable Care Act was introduced to provide all Americans with affordable health care coverage while lowering the burden of health care costs on individuals and the government. The act is designed to provide preventative care before the need for long-term care occurs. With the cost of doctor and nurse visits rising, it’s important to ensure access to health coverage is available to Americans. Additionally, our own health care employees need to be made aware of the effects the ACA has on their own health care.

Nurses as "Champions For Coverage": Part 1

The countdown to the institution of the historic Affordable Care Act (also known as Obamacare) has started. October 1st is the first day for enrollment through each state’s Health Insurance Marketplace; coverage won’t actually kick in until January 1, 2014.

Strategies to Guard Against Burnout

The constant stress of dealing with physical and emotional demands as a nurse may leave you feeling exhausted, irritable and disconnected. Some days, it may be a struggle to head into work. You may find yourself increasingly needing a “mental health day” and calling in sick. 


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