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Nurses to Weigh in on Ebola with National Conference Call on October 15

Information about Ebola is coming fast and furious and in the midst of it all, nurses have lots of questions that need answers.

Recognizing Ebola Symptoms Is Crucial

With Ebola continuing to make worldwide headlines and affect thousands of lives across the globe, nurses in the United States are preparing for something unfamiliar.

5 Tips to Tame the Morning Craziness

Given the ever-changing schedules of most nurses, a morning routine is hardly ever typical. Whatever time of day you have to get ready and out the door, there are a few tasks you can do to simplify your routine without too much hassle!

The Minority Nurse Best Companies Survey

Want to know how your organization compares to others in the field? Take the Minority Nurse magazine ‘Best Companies’ survey and find out!

Study Shows More Latinos Covered by Health Insurance

With all the upheaval surrounding the Affordable Care Act (also known as ObamaCare), there is great news for Latinos. In the past year, significant numbers of Latinos have obtained health insurance coverage.

Stand and Burn More Calories

As a nurse you probably spend a great deal of time on your feet, and not on your tush. Or do you? Drop a pedometer in your pocket and you may be surprised at how little you actually locomote.

10 Steps to Achieving Happiness - Part Two

Happiness is desirable, yet elusive. Celebrated and fleeting. Happiness is a hard emotion to define, but you know it when you feel it on the job, at home, with loved ones and with yourself.

Take These Steps Toward Happiness

Do you have a coworker, friend or family member who is an absolute joy to be around? Are there people in your life who deal with challenges with a smile and a can-do attitude? Happy people work on their thoughts and actions to create and maintain their happiness. You can, too.

Busy Schedule? Try HIIT

Did you pick up some extra pounds over the summer? Are you less than enthused about pursuing another workout regimen? Consider high-intensity interval training [HIIT], which involves short bursts of intense exercise to burn fat fast, strengthen your heart and preserve muscle.

Take a Stand for Your Health

Sit and stand while at work

As a nurse, the way you work is always evolving, whether that means changes in technology, workspace, or workflow. You’ve probably already experienced dizzying shifts, big and small, at your hospital or clinic.

Boost Your Creativity, Revive Your Career

Are you creative? Would you like to be more creative?

Do you know nurturing your creativity is not only good for your emotional outlook, but it is also a good career move?

Why Pilates Just Might be the Best Workout for Nurses

No doubt about it, nursing is an extremely demanding profession. Not only is it mentally demanding, but physically demanding as well. After a stressful 12 hour shift working out is the last thing a nurse may want to do because their body aches from a hard days’ work.

New Dads Need Work Flexibility, Too

Nursing might be a predominately female-staffed profession, but all nurses, male and female, still struggle with the same work-life conflicts.

Volunteer and Change the World

As a brand new nurse, I was stuck in a hard place. When applying for jobs, the most common statement said to me was, "You need a year's experience." How do you get the year's experience if no one is willing to take a chance on you? The answer: Volunteer!

How the Internet is Affecting the Health Care Job Market

The Internet has had a significant impact on every aspect of the job market, with career websites becoming the first places people turn to both look for employment opportunities and research in preparation for a job application. The health care profession is no exception to this, with nurses and other health care professionals using the Web as a crucial source of information as well as a means of pursuing new opportunities to advance their career.

Adding Antioxidants to Your Diet

Are you getting enough antioxidants in your diet? We know that it’s important for nurses to set an example when it comes to healthy eating, and that means making good food choices even if we have a busy schedule.

Tools and Tips for Ergonomic Computing

As a nurse, you probably have an opportunity to fine-tune -- or even overhaul -- your personal ergonomics at work. You have more control over the furniture and accessories you use with technology than you'd suspect.

Budgeting for the Busy Nurse in 4 Easy Steps

If you’re like most people you loathe the word budget. It’s the equivalent of a four-letter word to some, but in many cases it’s a necessary evil to reach financial goals. Budgeting doesn’t have to be dreadful but can be easy!

Tackling the Most Common Illnesses Faced by New Nurses

Many nurses try to take illness in their stride, telling themselves that it’s their patients who matter - but how can you provide top-quality care for other people when you’re feeling ill yourself? Looking after yourself is key to doing a good job, even if that sometimes means taking time off or insisting on a break until you are able to cope.

Should Perks Weigh into a Job Decision?

You know about benefits – the health insurance, vacation time, holiday time, and tuition reimbursement (among other things) that can potentially add thousands of dollars to the value of your job offer.


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