Mary Seacole: Black Nightingale

In commemoration of Black History Month, I find it befitting to honor Mary Seacole. Seacole was an amazing individual that weathered injustices who revolutionized the art nursing. As a contemporary of Florence Nightingale, she too weathered the battlefronts of the Crimean War. Notably, soldiers christened her the “Black Nightingale”. Although she was not American, her tenacity and bravery continually inspires nurses. Watch this exciting clip celebrating the legacy of our “Black Nightingale”.

Interested in learning more about Mary Seacole? Checkout these videos.

These additional videos should be viewed consecutively. They offer a magnificent exploration of Seacole’s upbringing as well as her prominence within the nursing profession.

 Mary Seacole 1

 Mary Seacole 2

Mary Seacole 3

Mary Seacole 4


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