Making a Difference Forever: Nurse-Family Partnership

It’s one of the most effective health programs in the country, and one of the most trusted health non-profits in the United States. It could never happen without the care and dedication of nurses.

Nurse-Family Partnership began formally in 1996, but the thoughts behind the organization have roots back in the 1970s, when the founder David Olds learned first-hand of the hardships that low-income families face. After a lifetime of tests and research, the program officially launched, to the betterment of many lives.

So, what is Nurse-Family Partnership? Each nurse who is admitted is paired with a new mother who is experiencing pregnancy, childbirth, and raising a baby for the first time. Once a nurse is paired with a family, he or she visits the home of the family and provides healthcare advice, education, and support until the child is two years old. The goal of the program is to offer care and education to families that otherwise would have none.

If you’re already a certified nurse and you’re studying for another nursing degree, this program can be a great supplement to coursework. The program gives participants great way to get involved in the community and make lasting improvements to health. There’s enough time as well to study during each two year appointment, and many nurses find it is an excellent way to both begin a career in nursing and sustain a lifelong passion for helping families and children.

Though it may seem that this program assists only expectant and new mothers, Nurse-Family Partnership extends its services to expectant fathers in need of assistance. And, while the program formally ends when the child reaches age two, many nurse and family participants develop long-lasting, invaluable relationships. 

For more information, you can find a Nurse-Family Partnership agency in most states, and visit the nonprofit’s main website here for more info.


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