Let Your Voice Be Heard: Rally at Your State Capitol!

Do you have an idea that will revolutionize nursing or health care? Nurses and nursing students should join together at your state’s capitol so our voices and viewpoint stand strong and unwavering. My first experience during my state’s nursing rally was life-affirming. I heard the governor and several legislators speak regarding advancements in education, employment, and health care in the nursing profession. Soon after the rally, I wrote my sentiments in my journal to reminisce and share with other nurses and nursing students. Listed below is an excerpt from my journal.

February 16, 2013:

My experience during the rally was enlightening.  I had no idea that nursing and politics were intertwined.  The possibilities within this profession are endless. Listening to the speakers and their respective platforms revealed to me a world beyond patient care. Particularly, Representative April Weaver of Alabama grasped my attention.  Rep. Weaver’s intensity and tenacity enthralled the crowd. I imagine that she is consulted on health care matters due to of her extensive knowledge within the nursing profession. Chiefly, I believe the purpose of the trip was to provide exposure, knowledge, and spark interest among budding nursing students.  The closing remarks of Dr. Arlene Morris were interesting. She requested everyone pursue his or her representative. The speech evoked that everyone must hold elected officials accountable, and the approach to promote change is voicing an opinion.  Overall, I enjoyed the rally at the Capitol. Moreover, every student should participate in a political assembly he or she supports during their collegiate career…

Nurses and nursing students, I challenge you to participate in your state’s rally at the capitol to invoke change and share important issues to improve health care.

Please share your comments and nursing experiences. I can’t wait to hear from you!


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