The TAKE PRIDE Campaign

The TAKE PRIDE Campaign

The country is changing, with one-third of the population representing a historical "minority." In this increasingly diverse world, you can confidently say your workplace actively fosters diversity, inclusiveness, and cooperation. For these reasons and others, you're proud to be a part of it—and we want to hear from you.

Minority Nurse is looking for nominations for health care's diversity MVPs, from the magnet hospitals to nursing schools to local hospice care centers. Nurses can nominate their workplaces based on the facility's efforts to improve and maintain inclusiveness and diversity.

Think about what makes for a diverse institution. What does a "commitment to diversity" mean? And what does it mean to you? AtMinority Nurse, it's not just about a visible variety of skin tones seen in the halls. It's...

  • Faculty and staff recruitment and retention efforts aimed at underrepresented populations
  • Collaborative hiring practices
  • Diversity initiatives and accessible organizations on site
  • Cultural competency training and resources, such as diverse foods, translators, etc.
  • Partnerships with other diversity organizations
  • And so much more

When hiring groups devoted to minority recruitment and retention not only exist, but are consistently used, it shows a commitment to diversity. When hospital administrators take the time to include their nursing staff in development, they exhibit a commitment to diversity. And you, in taking the time to recognize your workplace for its commendable practices and diverse work environment, are showing a commitment to diversity as well.

It's not necessarily a numbers game—we don't require applicants to produce statistics or quotas, though you are welcome to do so if you wish. We're simply looking for readers who take pride in their workplaces' commitment to diversity.

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