A Guide on Making it Through the Holidays as a Newbie Nurse

This year, working on Thanksgiving was difficult because I have not worked on a holiday. Moreover, this was the first year I have spent the holiday away from my family and friends. Once I realized that I was scheduled to work, I was miserable. So, I called my parents and mentors, and they compassionately offered me great advice.

  • Be positive!
    • “You have accomplished so much! A couple of months ago you were enrolled in nursing school. Now, you are a nurse! I understand that it is difficult being away from your family. However, you must remember that your presence is important. Your patient’s are looking to you to help he or she through their difficult journey.” – Barbara Wagner
  • Do something for yourself…
    • “Do something you enjoy doing. Treat yourself with something small. It doesn’t have to be expensive.” – Dr. Jennifer Coleman
      • Buy a candle
      • Rent your favorite movie.
      • Relax... This is a time to celebrate you!
  • Holiday Redo…
    • “On a day that you are not scheduled to work, we will bring Thanksgiving to you.” – David Wagner, Sr.
      • On your next day off, invite your friends and family to join in your holiday traditions. Perhaps, you may add something fresh and innovative.
  • Share the holiday with your work family….
    • “You are not the only person working. So, help arrange a party with your colleagues.”- Deborah Thedford-Zimmerman
      • Celebrate the holiday with a wonderful group of individuals.

 All in all, these tips got me through working on Thanksgiving, and it was not as bad as I thought that it would be.

I encourage you to share you stories and experiences. I can’t wait to hear from you! 


The newbie nurse is not that bad. She needs to be educated the right way and that is really good. - Dr. Hicham Riba