Beyond the Bedside: Nursing Careers on the Rise

Are you interested in career opportunities beyond the bedside? These prospects are great alternatives to the traditional path!

  • Case Management
    • Case managers direct all aspects of patient care.  Also, they coordinate with physicians, nurses, therapists, and other disciplines to ensure patients receive the best care in the shortest amount of time.
  • Patient Educator
    • Patient educators help patients and their families understand information about their disease process and condition before the patient is discharged.
  • Risk Management
    • Risk mangers pursue root cause analysis of errors and work to improve systems and practices. Risk managers may work for a law firm and examine patient records during litigation.
  • Forensic Nursing
    • Forensic nurses may provide care to victims of tragic crashes and domestic violence. They may work in capacities such as domestic, child or elder abuse, psychiatric cases, worker’s compensation, death investigations and motor vehicle accidents.

I encourage you to share your comments. I can’t wait to read you post! Stay tuned for other nursing opportunities on the rise!



The career of being a nurse is really rising. They have been pretty good at this one before. - Douglas Andrew