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Nurse Attorneys Work for Change

You might have heard of nurse attorneys, but do you know what they do? Is it something you might consider as a career?

7 Organizing Tips for the Holiday Crush

Holidays got you running a little ragged right now? With presents to wrap, goodies to bake, shopping to finish, and parties galore, it's a wonder there's even time to fit in all that normal stuff we do.

How to Combat Holiday Weight Gain

Thanksgiving is over; Christmas will soon be upon us and then New Year’s festivities. Fall and winter holidays are celebrated with food…and lots of it. The typical person gains on average 1-2 pounds per holiday season.

3 Easy Tax Tips for December

In between all the holiday festivities this month there's one more thing you might add to your to-do list – taxes. Before you roll your eyes and move on, consider this - the payoff is worth it.

7 Ways to Ease Up this Holiday Season

With just a couple of weeks left in this holiday season, how can you gain control and enjoy this special time of year?

5 Study Tips for the Holiday Season

As a nursing student, you’re used to juggling a lot at once. But if you’re wondering how to make sure your study time doesn’t suffer during the holiday rush, use the next few weeks to study smarter, not harder.

Count Your Blessings at Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving! What are you doing for the holiday? I’m spending the 30 days around Thanksgiving taking an online course called Gratitude, Grace and a Month of Self-reflection.

5 Ways to Handle the Holidays When Your Life's in Chaos

How can you make the holidays special without the time, money, effort, or stamina that's in short supply for you? It's not easy for nurses to say no when someone needs something. But you might find the relief you'll feel from reducing all your “have-tos” feels pretty good. Good enough that your holiday season becomes easier.

Ready for Winter Storms?

As a nurse, you're always ready to deal with the unexpected. Nurses think quick on their feet, no question about it. They also know how to plan and coordinate their actions with others.

Lung Cancer Awareness

Cancer remains one of the biggest killers in America. Of all types of cancer, lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer deaths. Here's what you need to know about the #1 cancer killer in the country.

Movember: New Face of Men's Health

Are you or others in your workplace taking part in Movember (“Moustache” plus “November"), a global men’s health event? Males pledge to grow their ‘staches for the month, getting donations from friends, family and co-workers in the process.

4 Ways to Ace the Exit Interview

You thought the interview to get your job was stressful enough, but now they want another interview when you're leaving? What's up with that?

Quit Your Job and Keep Your Professionalism

Did you ever leave a job you loved because you knew it was a good career move? What about the opposite – you couldn't wait to walk out the door and never look back?

Thank a Nurse with RNspire

‘Tis the season of thanks and giving. With Thanksgiving right around the corner, take a moment to visit RNspire on Facebook and thank a nurse in your life.

In the Spotlight: Dr. Kahlil Demonbreun

For as long as he can remember, Dr. Kahlil Demonbreun, DNP, RNC-OB, WHNP-BC, ANP-BC, has been surrounded by strong women.

Inclusion Part 2: Changing the Culture

Working at self-reflection tasks and being open to learning new approaches are the very first steps to making your work environment more inclusive. But no one can single-handedly change a workplace to make it more inclusive.

Inclusion, Part 1: Your Role in an Inclusive Work Environment

Inclusion tops the list of many workplace must-haves. But what exactly does inclusion mean?

Does Daylight Savings Have You Feeling Down?

The holidays are soon approaching and the days are getting shorter, meaning less daylight during waking hours. Holidays bring a variety of emotions out of people ranging from their favorite time of the year to the most depressing time of the year. If you fall in the latter category, there may be more to it then just the routine hustle and bustle of the season getting you down.

Going Back to School for RN to BSN? Key Points to Consider

With the national push for more BSN prepared RN’s, many nurses are considering completing a RN to BSN program. For the experienced RN these programs can be pretty straight forward, completed online or on campus and in as little as 12-18 months.

Trick-or-Treat Hacks


Whoa there Nelly! It’s Halloween, the start of a three-month long season that’s almost guaranteed to add eight pounds of adipose tissue to everyone, especially those with weak willpower. Don’t you be one of the unthinking nurses who snacks right out of your skinny jeans.


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