12-hour shifts

Practices of Successful Nurses

As a new nurse, I have observed and learned from outstanding clinicians. Some have provided invaluable guidance. While others have taught essential skills and tricks only experience could bestow. So, when I asked the age-old question, “ How can I make it through my shift unscathed and emotionally sound?” Thankfully, these outstanding nurses offered similar advice time and time again. Here’s the scoop.

Conquering the Night Shift as a Newbie Nurse

Many new nurses start their careers working the infamous night shift. As a new nurse, making the transition to a night schedule was difficult. For instance, after I completed my 3-day stretch, I found it challenging to readjust to my normal schedule. So, I asked seasoned nurses on methods to successfully navigate my path. With a positive attitude and an open heart, I applied their recommendations. Within a few days of applying their advice, I felt more revitalized and productive. Listed below are the recommendations. Hopefully, these tips will assist nurses struggling with their transition to a night schedule.

Nursing + Stress + Less Sleep = Weight Gain?

It can be a struggle to embrace healthy habits after an exhausting day at work. The reasons are all too familiar: erratic hours, high stress levels, skipped meals, and, lack of motivation.

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